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Bunting idea

This week I've been busy working in some Zakka Memo Book Covers for a couple of orders... actually I have to finish 60 tonight!

Zakka Memo Book Covers
Funny how this is somewhat like decorating COOKIES. I cut all the pieces first, and then added details. Today I will sew them together so that will be like baking after decorating, haha!

Other WIP:

I haven't touched my Woodland Sampler since Saturday, boooo! Almost done with the frames, and have 15 days to finish January...

As I didn't finish my Kawaii Winter Wonderland Countdown, I decided I will work on it every month and hopefully it will be done for December...

I joined Rachel's Curves Class and will work on the Pillow as soon as the Zakka Memo Book Covers are done!

I am learning a lot with LiEr's Make a Bag tutorials, and working on the assignments has been a lot of fun!

No progress on my Lucky Stars BOM, mainly because I need to order some solid fabric to go with the Simply Color fabrics I plan to use...

So that's it! Lots of work and lots of fun!!!
Have fun!

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Norma Ruiz said...

Se ven muy lindos pero que paciencia se necesita para elaborarlos, amiga un abrazo con mucho cariño en este año que empieza, se te quiere mucho besitos.

patchworkdelights said...

These look like they are going to be gorgeous! Love your style!

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