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w.i.p. wednesday: take note...


Bunting idea

This week I've been busy working in some Zakka Memo Book Covers for a couple of orders... actually I have to finish 60 tonight!

Zakka Memo Book Covers
Funny how this is somewhat like decorating COOKIES. I cut all the pieces first, and then added details. Today I will sew them together so that will be like baking after decorating, haha!

Other WIP:

I haven't touched my Woodland Sampler since Saturday, boooo! Almost done with the frames, and have 15 days to finish January...

As I didn't finish my Kawaii Winter Wonderland Countdown, I decided I will work on it every month and hopefully it will be done for December...

I joined Rachel's Curves Class and will work on the Pillow as soon as the Zakka Memo Book Covers are done!

I am learning a lot with LiEr's Make a Bag tutorials, and working on the assignments has been a lot of fun!

No progress on my Lucky Stars BOM, mainly because I need to order some solid fabric to go with the Simply Color fabrics I plan to use...

So that's it! Lots of work and lots of fun!!!
Have fun!

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