cancun + riviera maya: wedding destination

Cancun and the Riviera Maya are a Wedding Destination... considering the warm weather, white sandy beaches and turquoise sea, couples from around the world choose this caribbean paradise to get married... hotels have wedding planners that take care of every detail to make a dream wedding a reality...

Personalized COOKIES are great favors, and I've made many for couples that have their event in the zone... for example, these COOKIES were for B's wedding... she wanted something elegant to give as favors to her guests...

These iced COOKIES were custom decorated using her wedding invitations' font... each COOKIE was monogrammed using white on white icing... B asked for white ribbon, and I designed the little card in white and green, her chosen colors... COOKIES were placed on each plate setting...


piñon de carne

Piñón de Carne

My mother in law shared this recipe... it is from my husband's grandmother, born in Costa Rica. Some people have told me that this plantain "lasagna", is from Puerto Rico, and that they just name it Piñón... so, from Costa Rica or Puerto Rico, Piñón is ricoooo (good)!!

Meat Piñón

I love Piñon, because it can be made ahead, and the flavor combination is one of my favorites...


Mi suegra compartió conmigo esta receta... es de la abuela de mi esposo, que nació en Costa Rica. Algunas personas me han dicho que esta especie de lasaña de plátano macho es de Puerto Rico, en donde la llaman simplemente Piñón... sea de Costa Rica o de Puerto Rico, el Piñón es ricoooo!!!

Piñón de Carne

Me encanta el Piñón porque puede hacerse con anticipación y la combinación de sabores es una de mis favoritas...


hip to be square alfajores

I just finished these Alfajores... these COOKIES from South America, are often given as gifts for weddings, birthdays, or any ocassion...
This time I made them just for fun for my Friends... I usually make them using a round COOKIE cutter, but lately I've made them square and everybody likes them! I ordered acetate boxes so I can box them in sets of 4, 8 and 12, tie a ribbon and add a tag to each one, so clients can choose to have them boxed or in trays... they also can choose 1, 2 or 3 flavors...

About Alfajores:
  • They are basically a sandwich COOKIE
  • The dough is usually made of cornstarch (traditional), chocolate or nuts
  • Some fillings are dulce de leche (thick caramel), jam, peanut butter, chocolate, Nutella
  • They can be dipped or not, glazed or not, and garnished or not
  • Garnishings include ground coconut, nuts, toasted almonds
Have you tried Alfajores?


quick apple streusel cake

Yesterday I made Gale Gand's Quick Apple Streusel Cake for a party... most of our friends were there last night and we had a good time and the food was great as usual...
I don't know what was I thinking when I put the apples without peeling them before, it wasn't until M. was cutting the cake that I realized I always peel them... the cake was good but the green showed and it looked funny (to say the least)...
I made a few variations on Gale's recipe:
  • Added 1 tsp madagascar vanilla to the mix
  • Cinnamon: 1/2 Tbsp on the mix and 1 Tbsp for the Streusel (love it spicy!)
  • Used butter for vegetable shortening (don't like that thing and avoid it when possible...)
  • Added 1/2 cup chopped pecans to the streusel
  • I doubled the recipe and it came out perfect
  • For the mix I used the Iber Gourmet or if you own a Thermomix it should be perfect
Of course I bought vanilla ice cream for accompaniment, as suggested...
Happy baking!


spotted flowers

This week, between hearts, kisses and love, I made Flower COOKIES for E.... she plans to use them on 8 super cool buckets for her friends' V-Day gifts... she bought candies that match the buckets and COOKIES, too... Love the color combination, don't you?

I make COOKIE BOUQUETS but crafty E. will make them this time...

COOKIES are orange flavored, my favorite!


valentine's cookie tags

This tag is for COOKIE favor orders, boxes, baskets and COOKIE bouquets for next week... my phone number is on the tag, so people that receive one of my COOKIES can contact me...

I have great customers who reached me through saved tags, stickers, or toppers... depending on the event, I put it on the front, back, top or bottom...


i yam what i yam...

Popeye the Sailor's diet consists mainly on spinach... spinach (and many fruits, veggies and legumes) are not children favorites... so la Nena, my grandmother, (or maybe her mother) came up with the idea of these Open Spinach Sandwiches, really simple to make:

Open Spinach Sandwiches

My children love them!
Open Spinach Sandwiches

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