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queso de bola

Queso de Bola or Edam Cheese is said to have reached the Yucatan Peninsula when a boat headed to the Netherlands Antilles faced a storm near the Yucatan Canal and was forced to pull in. That boat carried, among many other goods, non perishable food such as canned butter and edam cheese.

Queso de Bola, made it's way to Yucatan's kitchen, full of flavor and condiments, and became a favorite ingredient to many delicious dishes...

Queso Relleno
A hole is made on top of the Queso de Bola Cheese... the carved cheese shavings are used as garnishing in soups, on top of refried beans... and the "shell" is filled with ground pork meat cooked with tomato, olives, garlic, onions... two sauces are served with this dish: kol (made with broth) and tomato sauce...

These are sold in the afternoons at parks, sidewalks and corners and across from church on Sundays... they are made at the moment, with a huge waffle style press... it is basically a large icecream cone textured tortilla, filled with shredded Queso de Bola, and rolled... my family loves Marquesitas!!! Fillings are changing a little now, and you can find Nutella, Dulce de Leche, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Strawberries and more... I love Queso de Bola, so I always ask for it...

Pastel de Queso de Bola
Now this is a cake to die for!! Queso de Bola Cake... I had my first slice 6-7 years ago at my cousin's D. birthday... she is from Merida and her family brought that cake for her party... I fell in love with it!! But having it for a party was not easy, as Merida is 3 hours from Cancun... Then I got the recipe and it is a favorite among my family and friends...
It is made with vanilla cake, filled with Queso de Bola cream (it resembles Pastry Cream), and covered with Lime Meringue... love the sweet-tart-cheesy flavor of this cake...
Queso de Bola is part of the flavors in the Yucatan Peninsula...
*Photos from the web, except Queso de Bola Cake


alfajores in a box

Last week I had an order of 200 Alfajores for J&E's Wedding... they asked for 100 boxes tied with grosgrain white ribbon, and 100 with the same ribbon in apple green... I made regular Cornstarch Alfajores (Alfajor de Maicena), filled with Dulce de Leche, and the borders rolled in shredded sweet coconut... the little boxes were put on each guest's place, intercalating white and green, colors they used... they ordered the little tags, too, which had their monogram and new address, something I found cool as many guests were from out of town, and can stay in contact with them...

I loved how they looked (you know I'm not good at taking photos, but you get the idea ;) )

I've made these boxes with 1, 2, 4, 8, 9 and 18 Alfajores... and in different flavors, too!


horrible faux paux?

I've made myself and others this question so many times...

Warning: If you are a purist, please don't read this post... I don't want to bother or make you uncomfortable in any sense... ;)

I started baking/cooking lessons when I was 12, and continued until I married at 23... In Mexico City, some of my teachers were Chef Cucha de Aste, Chef Maricú Ortiz, Letty Gordon, Boris Fregoso and others...

Whenever I can or if I visit the US I try to book a workshop or class...

I love challenging recipes and never tire when baking is involved...

I own more cookbooks than shoes... way more!

But, I confess:

  • I started baking when I was 8 years old with a... cake mix (there! I finally said it... I was afraid the word will never come out, it WAS liberating) everyone in my class loved the made-from-scratch-fudge frosted chocolate cake, decorated with M&M's I got from a shopping trip to McAllen, Texas (yes, we used to come back to Mexico carrying, shampoo, bubble gum, chocolates, etc.) and continued to bake for my class whenever needed
  • I cut and save cake mix recipes from boxes and magazines
  • I own all three Anne Byrn's Cake Mix Doctor books (if you know about other good authors/books, please let me know)
  • I don't use cake mixes on COOKIES, cakes or cupcakes I sell, those are made from scratch
  • I've found so many variables when baking from scratch, ones that can ruin a cake... on the other hand, a well doctored, moist cake from a cake mix, frosted with made from scratch icing is no-fail-good tasting, and not everyone can tell the difference
Now, I'm confessing this to you because I trust you will not call me names like cake-mix-lover just because sometimes I use a cake mix (see...? I feel guilty) and also because I plan to share recipes involving cake mixes.


    mmm... I mean hummus

    Image source: Wikipedia

    I love Hummus... my husband loves Hummus... my children love Hummus... Mom loves Hummus... my brothers love Hummus... We ALL love Hummus... so I used to buy Hummus from a local lebanese restaurant, but then it was sometimes great, sometimes not so good, and sometimes not good at all... I asked Y., my aunt, (her in-laws are from Lebanon) if she knew how to make Hummus, well she didn't but she got the recipe for me...

    Let me tell you a bit about Hummus:
    • Hummus means chickpeas... simple, isn't it?
    • It is one of the oldest known prepared foods
    • It is widely eaten in the Mediterranean and Middle East
    • When prepared with Tahini (sesame spread), it is named Hummus bi Tahina
    Hummus Bi Tahina


    piñon de carne

    Piñón de Carne

    My mother in law shared this recipe... it is from my husband's grandmother, born in Costa Rica. Some people have told me that this plantain "lasagna", is from Puerto Rico, and that they just name it Piñón... so, from Costa Rica or Puerto Rico, Piñón is ricoooo (good)!!

    Meat Piñón

    I love Piñon, because it can be made ahead, and the flavor combination is one of my favorites...


    Mi suegra compartió conmigo esta receta... es de la abuela de mi esposo, que nació en Costa Rica. Algunas personas me han dicho que esta especie de lasaña de plátano macho es de Puerto Rico, en donde la llaman simplemente Piñón... sea de Costa Rica o de Puerto Rico, el Piñón es ricoooo!!!

    Piñón de Carne

    Me encanta el Piñón porque puede hacerse con anticipación y la combinación de sabores es una de mis favoritas...


    valentine's cookie tags

    This tag is for COOKIE favor orders, boxes, baskets and COOKIE bouquets for next week... my phone number is on the tag, so people that receive one of my COOKIES can contact me...

    I have great customers who reached me through saved tags, stickers, or toppers... depending on the event, I put it on the front, back, top or bottom...


    i yam what i yam...

    Popeye the Sailor's diet consists mainly on spinach... spinach (and many fruits, veggies and legumes) are not children favorites... so la Nena, my grandmother, (or maybe her mother) came up with the idea of these Open Spinach Sandwiches, really simple to make:

    Open Spinach Sandwiches

    My children love them!
    Open Spinach Sandwiches


    zest, zest, zest...

    I just received this Microplane set... As soon as I got notice that my brother-in-law will come to Cancun this weekend, I ordered them online... I've seen them many times used by chefs, and compared to my zester/grater it really saves time and I get coarse, medium or fine zest... this is a good buy since I'll use them very much... So, do you have one of these?
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