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cookie queens love martha!


This week is COOKIE Week and I have FUN news to share with you!

Today, my dear friend and fantastic COOKIE decorator Maryann Rollins (Cookie Artisan), will represent our Flickr group, COOKIE Queens, on the Martha Stewart Show, airing on Hallmark Channel at 9AM Central. Maryann iced some COOKIES with Martha!!!

Four other members, Laura (adozeneggs)Callye (Sweet Sugar Belle),  Glory (Glorious Treats), and Marlyn (Montreal Confections), joined the show via Google Hangout.

I'm so proud to be among a group of talented COOKIE artists, that above all, are beautiful human beings.

Scroll down for the Flickr links to the 25 members of our group and the letter they decorated for this gorgeous Collage. Composition and editing thanks to Glory (Glorious Treats) ... I made letter C!!

C as in COOKIE!


Esta semana es COOKIE Week y tengo una gran noticia que compartir con ustedes!

Hoy, mi querida amiga y fantástica decoradora de GALLETAS Maryann Rollins (Cookie Artisan), va a representar a nuestro grupo de Flickr, COOKIE Queens, en el Show de Martha Stewart, al aire por Hallmark Channel a las 9am Central. Maryann decoró GALLETAS con Martha!!! Cuatro miembros más, Laura (A Dozen Eggs)Callye (Sweet SugarBelle),  Glory (Glorious Treats), y Marlyn (Montreal Confections), se integraron al show por Google Hangout.

Me siento muy orgullosa de pertenecer a este grupo de Artistas GALLETERAS, que sobre todo, son bellos seres humanos.

Desplázate hacia abajo para ver los enlaces a Flickr de las 25 miembros y la letra que cada una hizo para este precioso Collage. La edición y composición fue posible gracias a  Glory (Glorious Treats) ... Yo hice la letra C!!

A very special COOKIE!

C  -  Bea (CancunCOOKIES) ... that's me!
O  -  Jody (East Coast Cookies)
O  -  Haniela (Haniela)
K  -  Myri (Ch@pix Cookies)
I  -   Jen (Jen Whitlock)
E  -  Tricia (tricia_z)

Q  -  Marlyn (Montreal Confections)
U  -   Denyse (DenyseAL)
E  -   Aileen (A Master Creation)
E  -   Gina (The Pastry Princess Snow White)
N  -   Andrea (Sugar Envy)
S  -   Kim (Sugar Kim)

CROWN  -   Ali (Ali Bee's Bake Shop)
L  -   Maryann (Cookie Artisan)
O  -   Lisa (thebearfootbaker)
V  -   Tracy (DesignerCookies by Tracy)
E  -   Johnna (Polka-dot Zebra)
LOGO  -   Laura (A Dozen Eggs)

M  -   Glory (Glorious Treats)
A  -   Susan (Andovercookiemama)
R  -   Daniela (Sugar Rush Treats)
T  -   Susan (kimsmom76)
H  -   Karen (SugarDeaux)
A  -   Pam (Cookie Crazie)
!   -   Callye (Sweet Sugar Belle)

Our Collage on MS's page!   ~   Nuestro Collage en la página de MS!
Watch COOKIE Queens on MS's Show in this link  ~   Puedes ver a las COOKIE Queens en el show de MS en línea!


la vida compartida...

Last week Rosa María, from La Vida Compartida announced I was among the winners of the Jute Giveaway she hosted at her blog...

I met Rosa María a few months ago, while looking for quilters in Mexico... I was amazed at the beautiful crafts she makes and sells through her etsy store 464 Handmade. She lives in Jalisco (the land of Tequila!!!) and by looking at her great photography you can tell she lives in a quiet, beautiful place surrounded by a pretty garden, with a mexican country look, and she shares her life with Alex and their pets...

This is the Jute I received as gift... I chose the colour Coffee Sack Brown, don't you love the name? There are more colours to chose from...

When I opened the package I also found this Tissue Holder, handmade by her and also sold at her store...

and these Sewn Tags, just in time for Christmas! 

Here's a pic of the gifts I received from Rosa María... THANK YOU!!! I loved them all!!! (See that floral tape? it's called washi tape, and she loves it)...

So if you like my gifts and would love to get some, for you or someone you care for, visit Rosa Maria, she ships worldwide. You can also visit her to know more about quilting and her life in Jalisco, Mexico..

etsy shop 464 Handmade

While visiting her blog, you can link to her flickr, Facebook and Pinterest...


new cookie forum!

This is good news for COOKIE lovers... A brand new COOKIES only Forum! Mike and Karen, from Karen's Cookies set it up so that we can all share, learn, be inspired and have fun as COOKIERS!!
Come join the fun at COOKIERS R US! See you all there :)
~ * ~
Una buena noticia para los fanáticos de las GALLETAS... Un nuevo foro dedicado exclusivamente a GALLETAS!! Mike y Karen, de Karen's Cookies hicieron un gran tabajo para que todas podamos compartir, aprender, inspirarnos y divertirnos como COOKIERS!!
Únete a la diversión en COOKIERS R US en donde tendremos una sección en Español... allá nos vemos!!


cancuncookies on bake at 350

Today my COOKIES were featured on Bridget's blog, Bake at 350...

Just imagine!
I'm following her blog since last year when I found her while googling "Lance Armstrong"... I read about her Mom, loved her photos as a little girl, and started reading her blog... I was a lurker but because I didn't know I could comment and thought it was a certain kind of club... as a COOKIE lover I just love her tutorials, and tips... her photos are sooo good, her COOKIES are amazing... and today I found out she is talking about... me!!!

Thank you, Bridget! You made me feel super special, and my girls are applauding Mama's COOKIES on a friendly blog, and looking at all your COOKIES and photos... they noticed your black background photos, and asked if you taught my how to do that!!

So please, visit her blog, and you will find many tips on COOKIE icing, baking...



On February, COOKIES I made will be in the front cover of CANCUNISSIMO , a local magazine...

I was flattered and grateful when I was invited to do this project... I had so many ideas, and presented clipart and COOKIES I've done in the past. I was asked to make these, which aren't my designs, but Jeniffer's from Cake Central.

I thank God for this great opportunity, as many people will get to see what I do and know a little about me from the interview inside... I hope everyone in Cancun is tempted by those COOKIES!

I want to thank Vicente, a dear friend for considering my COOKIES... this is a dream come true, Vicente!! I know you are very professional and being in the front cover of your magazine, besides a very long friendship, has to do with the fact that you like my work... I love you and your family and know you love us all as well...
thank you, Esteban, for coming to my home and through a nice chat discovering my passion to many who don't know me... I had a great time at the photo shooting session and I have yet to read the interview!...

and THANK YOU!... yes YOU who have shared your skills with me through courses, workshops, books, classes, tutos, how tos, photos and priceless cooperation... your help is invaluable...

I'll post about the interview as soon as I receive the magazine and read it...
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