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Hello! ~ Hola!
Today is a special day here at CancunCOOKIES... a very special friend is visiting us! ~ Hoy es un día especial aquí en CancunCOOKIES... una amiga muy especial está de visita!

Let me introduce her by mentioning a few things you might not know about her ~ Permite que la presente, platicando de algunas cosas que quizá no sabes acerca de ella:

She decorated her first Christmas COOKIES on 2007, inspired by a magazine. She had decorated  Honey COOKIES before ~ Decoró sus primeras GALLETAS de Navidad en 2007, inspirada por una revista. Antes, había decorado GALLETAS de Miel...
Those first COOKIES were decorated with canned Buttercream ~ Decoró esas primeras GALLETAS con Buttercream (Betún) envasado...
Her work is influenced by Honey COOKIES from her home country, Slovakia ~ Su trabajo está influenciado por GALLETAS de Miel de su país de origen, Eslovaquia...
In Slovakia, they use parchment cones or little bags to decorate, and that is what Hani uses: ziploc bags! ~ En Eslovaquia, usan conos de papel o bolsitas para decorar, y eso es lo que Hani usa: bolsas ziploc!

*Si no hablas Inglés, puedes usar Google Translate para traducir el post de Haniela al Español

Hello, I'm Hani from Haniela's. You can find out more about me by visiting my  blog where I share online baking tutorials, recipes,  I also like to make pretty cookies and I love food and developing new unique recipes, some include also our family heirlooms, usually with a twist. If you can't find me in the kitchen then I'd probably ventured out into our beautiful garden we care for in the Summer time or I'm behind the lens, pressing the shutter capturing  the world of food, or on  the weekends I thoroughly enjoy visiting flea markets, local yards sales, finding the lost treasures. 

Bea and I first met online on Flickr, few years ago and today I'm so honored to be a guest on Bea's beautiful blog.
I prepared a Tulip Cookie Tutorial  for you. I wanted to achieve a new dimension with a tulip cookies ,tulip cookies are mostly decorated flat so I thought I'd play around a little.
In this tutorial you will find embroidery technique and sanding sugar application, both techniques play a key role in this  tulip design.
  •  Bake cookies, and prepare Royal icing, color icing with food color and make outline consistency icing(thin the icing down with a bit of water to about a toothpaste consistency) and flood consistency.
  • You need 2 colors, for the petals and then for the flower stamens
  •  Pipe a thick border with outline consistency royal icing, do one section at a time
  • Using a  clean painter's brush, brush by pull the icing inward toward the center of the cookie, wipe the brush into a damp towel if necessary
  • Continue with other sections, all together there are 3 sections you need to do this

  • Once you have the brushed embroidery details finished you can move onto the front petals
  • Pipe the petals
  • Flood the petals with flood consistency icing
  • Let dry for several hours

  • Once the icing has dried you can move onto adding details
  • First you need to pipe flower stamens and let them dry for an hour or so, use outline consistency icing to do this
  • Then outline the petals with outline consistency icing 
  • Sprinkle sanding sugar on top of the freshly piped icing, shake off the excess

  • Pipe small dots onto the dry brushed embroidery design, you want only random dots, pipe only several dots not a whole lot
  • Using a clean painter's brush, brush the icing inward
  • Immediately sprinkle sanding sugar on top freshly brushed icing
  • Shake of the excess

Pretty Tulip Cookies

Thank you Hani for visiting us today! I love your COOKIES and it is always a pleasure to look a your beautiful pictures... ~ Gracias Hani por visitarnos hoy! Me encantan tus GALLETAS y es siempre un placer ver tus hermosas fotografías...

Be sure to taste Hani's Honey COOKIES. I tasted them last Fall and I can tell you they are awesome! ~ Asegúrate de probar las GALLETAS de Miel de Hani. Yo las probé el Otoño pasado y puedo decirte que son fabulosas!

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Unknown said...

WOW, colors look fantastic on chocolate cookies! Thanks for sharing ;-) You both are really good at decorating cookies. Amazing artists.

Manu said...

Beautiful lowers!
Have a nice week

Paula said...

Hani your tulips are just beautiful. Doing the brushed embroidery technique on them certainly adds a wonderful new dimension.

Anonymous said...

Bea, que galletas para más lindas...!!! Y la verdad es que el paso a paso está bien explicado, mil gracias por presentarnos a Haniela.

Dotty said...

A completely new take on tulips! Beautiful! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Awww.....two of my favorite cookie friends....Hani and Bea.

What lovely tulip cookies, Hani. I like how you changed up the perspective and made it look more dimensional. Brilliant. And BEAUTIFUL! :) ♥♥♥

Georganne (LilaLoa) said...

Hani -- These are the most beautiful tulip cookies I have ever seen!!! And I LOVE that you added sanding sugar!

Sue said...

These cookies are gorgeous, Hani! So many amazing techniques in one cookie.

SweetSugarBelle said...

Hanis cookies are a
Favorite of mine! She aways amazes me! I live seeing two sweet friends in the same place xoxoxo

The Partiologist said...

What a beautiful cookie Hani! How fun to find you both with my morning coffee! :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful, Hani! Love the depth and the color is so rich!

Unknown said...

Genial este tutorial. bss Acaramelada

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