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lemon {lime} cake

Lime Cake ~ Pastel de Limón

In Mexico, limes (limones in Spanish) grow all year round, and are not expensive. They were last year after a drought, though, but are regularly cheap, VERY cheap! Sometimes we find lemons, but not regularly. But I change limes for lemons when I want to try a new recipe!

We use limes to make limeade, to drink Tequila, to season seafood and spicy snacks such as jícama, cucumber, peanuts, chips.

Moms give their babies drops of lime to cure the hiccups. And a spoon with honey and lime juice does wonders on coughing children at night.

Lime sherbet is sold by street traders that push their carts while ringing a bell shouting the different fruit flavors they sell that day. Everyone loves lime sherbet, it is so refreshing!

We have a lime tree growing in the backyard that brings memories from my childhood. Happy memories of my great grand mother, Paula, after whom we named our youngest girl. Maybe some day it will grow limes that we can use...

The first time I made this cake, I forgot to add the sugar :S  Who wants to eat cake without sugar? Not me, for sure. So I made it again, this time I took out all the ingredients, measured and double checked, something I should do every time I bake. From the smell coming from the oven, I knew it will be good... baked citrus aroma, mmm... And yes, I liked it. No, I loved it!

You can use lemons or limes. If you use limes, maybe the cake will taste a little more like Mexico...

Lemon {Lime} Cake

En México, tenemos limones todo el año, y no son caros. Subieron mucho de precio el año pasado, después de una sequía, pero por lo general son baratos, MUY baratos! Algunas veces podemos encontrar limas, pero no siempre. Pero yo cambio limones por limas cuando quiero probar una nueva receta!

Usamos limones para hacer limonada, tomar Tequila, aderezar mariscos y botanas picantes como jícama, pepino, cacahuates, frituras.

Las mamás les dan a sus bebés gotitas de limón para aliviar el hipo. Y una cucharada de miel con jugo de limón hace maravillas en niños con tos por la noche.

Los neveros ambulantes venden nieve de limón en la calle mientras suenan su campana y gritan los distintos sabores de frutas que venden ese día. A todo mundo le gusta la nieve de limón, es tan refrescante!

Tengo un árbol de limón en el jardín trasero que me trae recuerdos de mi infancia. Recuerdos felices de mi bisabuela Paula, por la cual llamamos así a nuestra hija menor. Tal vez algún día nos dé limones que podamos usar...

La primera vez que hice este pastel, se me olvidó ponerle el azúcar :S  Quién quiere comer un pastel sin azúcar?? Yo no, se los aseguro. Así que lo hice de nuevo, está vez saqué los ingredientes, los medí y revisé, como debo hacerlo siempre. Desde que el pastel estaba en el horno, despidiendo un aroma cítrico sabía que iba a estar bueno, mmm... Y si, me gustó. Está bien, me encantó!

Puedes usar limas o limones. Si usas limones, tal vez el pastel te sepa un poco más a México...

Pastel de Lima {Limón}




Mexico is well known for the vast variety of what we call Pan Dulce (Sweet Bread). Sweet Bread is sold in Panaderías around the country and it is cheap. Although some breads can be found everywhere in Mexico, other breads can only be found in specific regions.

We love to eat Sweet Bread in the morning with breakfast, or as a merienda or light early supper. We drink coffee, lechero coffee (latte), hot chocolate or atole (cornmeal hot mexican drink) with Sweet Bread.

When I came to live in Cancun, in 1991, I missed some food from my home town (Mexico City). Cancun was a small city, I would say a big town, and I couldn't find everything at the supermarket. These days, there are a few things or foods from other regions we don't have.

I still miss Garibaldis from El Globo. I've read they were the inventors of Garibaldis, but, I love the story from the cookbook where I got the recipe, and that is the one I will narrate.

Plaza Garibaldi is home to world famous Mariachi. According to this story, Garibaldis were sold in the proximity of the Plaza, as a merienda for singers and visitors.

My son, insisted we baked Garibaldis in a loaf pan. I liked how it looks, but you can bake individual breads or one loaf as we did.



Mexico es conocido por la enorme variedad de lo que nosotros llamamos Pan Dulce. El Pan Dulce se vende en Panaderías por todo el país, y es barato. Aunque hay algunos panes que encontramos en todo México, hay otros que solo se encuentran en regiones específicas.

Nos gusta comerlo por la mañana con el desayuno, o en la merienda o cena ligera. Cuando comemos Pan Dulce, lo tomamos acompañado con café, café con leche o lechero, chocolate caliente o atole.

Cuando llegué a vivir a Cancun, en 1991, extrañaba alguna de la comida de la Ciudad de Mexico, que es dónde vivía. Cancún en ese tiempo era una ciudad pequeña, o un pueblo grande, y no siempre encontraba todo en el supermercado. Ahora, hay pocas cosas o comida de otras regiones que no tengamos.

Todavía extraño los Garibaldis de El Globo. He leído que ellos fueron los que inventaron los Garibaldis, pero a mi me encanta la historia que relatan en el libro de cocina del que saqué la receta, y es la que les voy a contar.

La Plaza Garibaldi es la casa del famoso Mariachi. De acuerdo a la historia, en las cercanías de la Plaza, se vendían los Garibaldis para cantantes y visitantes.

Mi hijo insistió en que hornearamos los Garibaldis en un molde de pan. Me gustó como se ve, tu puedes hornear los panes individuales o un pan, como hicimos nosotros.



penzey's cinnamon... a gift

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to meet some internet friends and had a great time together icing COOKIES, talking COOKIES and having fun with COOKIES!

I met some of the most amazing decorators, that happen to be beautiful human beings that love to share and give... I can't talk of all of them in one post, so I plan to introduce each one in a special post...

This post is dedicated to Tricia and Denyse, from Arizona. We met via flickr, which is an amazing place to meet people that do/love the same things you do/love... Tricia and Denyse are sisters in law... in the few days I spent with them (they were among the friends that picked me up at the airport!), I can tell they are very close and are always laughing. They gave each of us a bottle of Pensey's Vientamese Cinnamon...

I happen to love cinnamon, and couldn't wait to be back home and use it. I found that it has a great rich flavour, not spiced nor pungent...

Recipe from Williams Sonoma Essentials of Baking

Cinnamon Streusel Cake

Even if you don't have Pensey's Cinnamon, you have to try this recipe!
Happy Baking!!


honey bun cake

Today we all went to G's house... our children love her place and they jump on the tumbling and play with the tree swing... my aunt is visiting this week... G. made Green Ceviche, it was great... I'll try to get the recipe for you... basically it was made with fresh white fish, avocado, cilantro, onion and lime juice... fresh for these days that keep getting warmer...

I baked Anne Byrn's Honey Bun Cake from her book Cake Mix Doctor... I just took one photo and completely forgot to take a picture of the cake, sorry...

Honey Bun Cake

This cake is great for breakfast... I just warm it before serving...

Happy Baking!


quick apple streusel cake

Yesterday I made Gale Gand's Quick Apple Streusel Cake for a party... most of our friends were there last night and we had a good time and the food was great as usual...
I don't know what was I thinking when I put the apples without peeling them before, it wasn't until M. was cutting the cake that I realized I always peel them... the cake was good but the green showed and it looked funny (to say the least)...
I made a few variations on Gale's recipe:
  • Added 1 tsp madagascar vanilla to the mix
  • Cinnamon: 1/2 Tbsp on the mix and 1 Tbsp for the Streusel (love it spicy!)
  • Used butter for vegetable shortening (don't like that thing and avoid it when possible...)
  • Added 1/2 cup chopped pecans to the streusel
  • I doubled the recipe and it came out perfect
  • For the mix I used the Iber Gourmet or if you own a Thermomix it should be perfect
Of course I bought vanilla ice cream for accompaniment, as suggested...
Happy baking!
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