april showers plaque

April Showers Plaque ~ Placa Lluvias de Abril
I am completely in love with Fancy Square COOKIE Cutter from Coppergifts, I NEED the other two sizes that were not available when I purchased this one :D ~ Estoy perdidamente enamorada del  Cortador de GALLETAS Fancy Square de Coppergifts, NECESITO los otros dos tamaños que no estaban disponibles cuando compre este :D

Today I will show you how I made the Plaque April Showers COOKIE, and you will see how I make some fun details, too! ~ Hoy te voy a mostrar cómo hice la GALLETA Placa Lluvias de Abril, y te voy a mostrar cómo decore algunos detalles, tambien!

1. Outline with pale Royal Blue Icing ~ Delínea con Icing Royal Blue, pálido.

2. Flood with 20 Second Consistency Icing, leaving some spaces ~ Rellena con Icing Consistencia 20 Segundos, dejando unos espacios.

3. Flood the spaces with 20 Second Consistency Icing in White ~ Rellena los espacios con Icing consistencia 20 Segundos en Blanco

4. Let dry 8 hours or overnight ~ Deja secar 8 horas o toda la noche.

5. Outline the Umbrella (I used Leaf Green). Flood alternated sections to give dimension ~ Delínea el Paraguas (yo usé Leaf Green). Rellena secciones de forma intercalada para dar dimensión.

6. Flood remaining section. Let dry 2 hours ~ Rellena la sección restante. Deja secar 2 horas.

7. Pipe dots with Golden Yellow Icing ~ Dibuja puntitos con Icing Golden Yellow.

8. Pipe dots with Deep Pink, leave a space between dots ~ Dibuja puntitos con Deep Pink, deja un espacio entre los puntitos.

9. Fill the spaces with more dots. Repeat with Orange dots ~ Llena los espacios con más puntitos. Repite con puntitos Orange

April Showers Plaque ~ Placa Lluvias de Abril

Finish with details: Umbrella Tube and Cap, pipe "April Showers"... tada!!! ~ Termina con detalles: Bastón y Botón del Paraguas, escribe "April Showers"... listo!


Come back later to see the fabulous April Shower COOKIES our Flickr group {Show Me} Your Cookie! made this month ~ Regresa para ver las fabulosas GALLETAS de Lluvias de Abril que nuestro grupo de Flickr {Muéstrame} Tu Galleta! hizo este mes...

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Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

Love that cutter and love your pretty cookie.

www.lacasitadeazucar.es said...

Es preciosa...

jaclynscookies said...

Adorable! Love how those clouds came out.

Kendra (Royal Cookie Designs) said...

Beautiful! I love your writing...so pretty :)

CookieCrazie Pam said...

I love your April Showers Cookie. The cloud effect is awesome. :) ♥

TusDulcesIdeas by Ivette said...

I love them, beautifull done and the clouds effects is amazing, thanks for sharing :)

Gail said...

Perfect post to read today.  It's raining here in NYC!  Lovely as always, Bea!

Sue Sparks said...

Your cookie is beautiful!

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